How to monetize a brand new site in just 10 minutes

So you have registered a new site, just installed WordPress and you are looking at theme Twenty Seventeen and the first Hello world post.

You know it will take weeks, or even months before your site will have some content, some design and is ready to be launched.

Did you know that you can already monetize your site in this very underdeveloped state? With zero content? Let me show you how.

First of all, I assume that you have some kind of hosting plan, otherwise you couldn’t have installed WordPress. And you have bought your hosting plan from a hosting company like Bluehost, iPage, or in my case Webhostinghub.

Well, most of these hosting companies have affiliate programs. What does it mean? They provide you with a link or even some banners that you can put on your site. And any time someone clicks it and purchases a hosting solution you will receive some money.

How much money exactly? Well, depending on your hosting provider it can be $40-$60, or even more. For one single click!

So what do you think, is it better leaving your new WordPress site just as it is for weeks or even months before you add some proper content, or you should rather use this time to actually make some money out of your new site?

With only two clicks you can earn as much money as your hosting plan expenses for a whole year!

So let me show you the simple steps that can transform your undeveloped site (which looks something like this one below) into a monetizing site.

1. Find your hosting provider’s affiliate program

It’s a simple Google search, for me it’s Webhostinghub. Just click on the first link.


2. You can check the program’s conditions

As you see, in the case of Webhostinghub it’s $50 for each referral! So anyone who will see my landing page and decides to register an own blog will earn me $50. Though it’s somewhat unlikely, but even the very first visitor of your new site can make you $50. Not too bad, right?


3. Sign up to the affiliate program

Somewhere you will see a “Sign up” button, just click on it and fill in the details.

You are already in a business relationship with this provider, they even know your credit card data, so you just have to give your name, address and a couple of details again to the same company. Also you can already set how you would like to receive the money, I chose PayPal at Webhostinghub.


4. Once registered log into your Affiliate site and obtain banner links

If you log into the affiliate site you will see a chart with your results (so far it will show zeros of course) and a menu. You should look for “Banners and links”, or something similar.


There you can see all the text links and banners your provider has to offer. Pick one that you like, probably the biggest one that you can find as you will put it on a single landing page.

Somewhere around the banner there will be a piece of code that you can copy and paste. You will need this piece of code, so either keep this page open or copy the code somwhere, notepad for example.


5. Go to your WordPress blog and install Under Construction Plugin

Just go to Plugins / Add new and search for “Under Construction”, then install below plugin:


6. Set up the plugin to create your landing page

On the left pane go to Settings / UnderConstruction. First of all, set Under Construction Mode to “On”


Then go to the “Design” tab and activate the “Plain Text” Theme:


As a last step go to the “Content” tab and fill in the Headline, then on the top right corner of the editor switch to “Text” mode, add some text and paste your affiliate banner link to the bottom.

When finished, save your changes.


7. That’s it, now you have a monetizing website!

Now, when you are logged into your WordPress site you will see the undeveloped site of yours that you can add content to. But everyone else will see the following when they get to your site:



And if they click on your banner and decide to start their own blog. Well, then you have just made $50!

Is it a long, complicated procedure? No, not at all. Is it worth spending 20 minutes to do these steps? Well, you decide…

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