WordPress Tools for Beginners and New Sites

So you have registered your domain and created a new site on WordPress, maybe even added some content and now you are stuck. Let me show you how to elevate your site from a construction place to a fully functioning site. Each step below takes less than 10 minutes, so just spend 2 hours and you will have a much better site.

1. Download Under Construction Plugin

First of all, if your site is very underdeveloped, download Under Construction Plugin by WebFactory Ltd.

Activate, go to Settings / UnderConstruction on the left navigation bar of WordPress and turn Under Construction Mode on. From this moment all your visitors will see an Under Construction Page, but you will see your page from within WordPress when editing your content. You can just as easily make the website visible again.

In the Design and Content tab of this plugin you can highly Customize how you Construction Page should look like, it has a lot of themes to choose from.


2. Remove all remnants of your WordPress plugin

Now that your page is not shown, go to “Posts” and “Pages” and remove everything that you don’t need. If you are afraid to remove then at least go to “Quick edit” and change it to “Draft”.

Now you can start the real construction.


3. Install the Yoast SEO Plugin

This plugin will help a lot in writing good posts and pages, it will check all your content for SEO optimization, you can edit snippets, it will even check your language and make suggestions. Nice little tool


4. Install Google XML Sitemap Plugin

It needs no extra effort besides installing, it will instantly create a sitemap.xml file on your site that you can submit to Google Webmaster tools. Needless to say, go to Google Webmaster tools, register, submit your site and submit your sitemep (it will be at yoursite.com/sitemap.xml)


5. Download and activate Social Media Share Buttons

It’s the 21th century, everyone is sharing and liking, let your readers do the marketing for you. If your content is good, you can get many visitors to your site through social media. And the best part is that all you need to do is install a plugin, it’s just a couple of minutes

Once installed and activated go to “Ultimate Social Media Icons” on the left pane and make the settings. You just have to choose the sharing services and where they should be displayed.


6. Install UpdraftPlus Plugin

If you have come this far, maybe even written a few posts you will not want to lose that all. This plugin can create a backup to your site with the press of a button. You can also very easily link it to Google Drive, so when you press that button it will create a backup and upload it to your Drive.


7. Install Ad Inserter Plugin

Maybe it’s a bit early, but once you have a couple of posts and your site looks good, you will need this tool for installing Google Adsense to your site.


8. Add the Elementor Page Builder plugin

Though mostly you will use the basic, built in tools for writing posts and pages, but Elementor is the best site builder plugin out there. If you ever need to create a custom page with a lot of images, columns, rows, extra elements, you will be glad to have Elementor at your hand.



That’s it, once you have installed these 8 plugins you are already miles closer to your goals and dreams and it only took an hour or two, right?


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